Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program 2020
April 25 - April 29, 2020

Students Arrival Date: Saturday, April 25th

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Many of the students have allergies to smoke or animals. Please indicate if you have pets (i.e. cat or dog) or if your home is not smoke-free.

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Our participants stay in groups of two minimum, same sex. Please indicate what gender you would prefer.

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Because of transportation difficulties a few students will require a Friday evening arrival or a Thursday morning departure.
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New Host Families

The Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all participants in our program. To this end, we have been mandated by Rotary District policy to ask for the following personal information.

PERSONAL REFERENCES; If you are new to billeting for this program, or have not billeted for the past 2 years, please complete this section.

Provide us with the name and contact information for someone who has known you for a minimum of 5 years , and who, if contacted, could attest to the trustworthiness of your household. (one or two references). If one of your contacts is a Rotarian in Ottawa please include them as your main personal reference.

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Relationship to you:
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POLICE CHECKS: Have you or your partner had a “Police Check for the Vulnerable Sector” completed within the last 5 years?

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If yes, who and for what organization/ purpose?

If no, would you like us to send you the link to obtain this Vulnerable Sector Police Check?
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I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND my responsibilities as a host family, as described in the Billeting Overview. Click here to download the Billeting Overview. I agree to be responsible for the safety of the students while they are in my charge.

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For more information, contact:

Margot Nicholls
Program Coordinator
Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program
Phone: 613-860-1521
Fax: 613-445-6438